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“Karlito”: Fur pom-pom tipped to be the latest fashion must-have

A fur doll designed to look like Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld is causing a lot of discussion in the fashion universe. The furry bag charm, named “Karlito”, and  inspired by the German designer, is made of two different kinds of fur, mink and fox, which means that two kinds of animal had to die for Fendi’s latest fashion accessory.

Fur doll "Karlito" is made of mink and silver fox.

“Karlito” set to be best seller

The demand for the bag charm has been huge – despite the £935 price tag. More than 600 so-called “fashionistas” have registered for furry “Karlito”. FOUR PAWS is totally against this disgusting and tasteless fashion item and believes the new must-have is an absolute no go!

Tell Fendi what you think!

Several negative comments have already been posted on Fendi’s Facebook page. If you are against this latest cruel fashion accessory, why not share your opinion with Fendi too! Click here to post your opinion! 

FOUR PAWS’ fight against fur

The international animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS stands for fur free fashion and the banning of fur farms. Since 2014, FOUR PAWS has been calling on Burberry to stop using fur for their collections.


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