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FOUR PAWS paint street mural in London in stand against canned hunting


FOUR PAWS UK has joined forces with street art specialists Graffiti Life ( to create a unique and attention grabbing wall mural as part of its campaign to end “canned” trophy hunting in South Africa.

The trophy and canned hunting industries have been in the spotlight in recent months, following the illegal killing of beloved Zimbabwean lion Cecil, lured from a protected area and shot by US hunter, Walter Palmer, who it was just revealed would not face charges in Zimbabwe over the hunt.

Since Cecil’s death, which outraged animal lovers and the general public across the world, there have been many calls to ban the import of trophies into the EU, and the UK more specifically. FOUR PAWS UK has also seen a rise in the number of people concerned about canned hunting, one of the most brutal and prevalent forms of  trophy hunting, in which lions are bred in captivity and hunted in an enclosed area so they have no hope of escaping. South Africa is the only country where canned trophy hunting is legal, and there are around 6,000 captive lions in the country fuelling the horrific industry, more than it current population of wild roaming lions which is estimated around 1200 lions.

Many of these lions will be killed for large sums of money, only to end up as so-called trophies on the walls of hunters, mostly from the US and the EU.


FOUR PAWS’ petition calling on the South African government to ban canned hunting has already been signed by around 200,000 people across the globe, and we now feel the time is right to up the ante in their campaign and raise awareness of the issue to a wider audience.

Kieran Harkin, Head of Programmes at FOUR PAWS UK, commented: “The public outcry around the killing of Cecil the lion suggests that many people, not just traditional animal welfare supporters, are absolutely appalled by the idea of these majestic wild animals being killed just so they can be displayed as a so-called trophy on someone’s wall. We hope this mural raises even more awareness of this barbaric and senseless practice and adds to the growing momentum against the canned hunting industry as a whole. We want this unique piece of street art to grab peoples’ attention, to generate discussion and debate around the issue and ultimately to urge people to act so we can stop this practice once and for all.”


To sign the FOUR PAWS petition, please visit:

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