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FOUR PAWS calls on Government to ban import of lion hunting trophies



The death of the iconic Zimbabwean lion Cecil has shed unprecedented light on the cruel practice of trophy hunting, putting the issue firmly on the agenda of the general public and politicians alike. Indeed, the Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly just promised to step up Government efforts to protect wildlife from poachers, following the international outcry that the killing of Cecil has caused.

It is now perhaps clearer than it has ever been that action needs to be taken on all fronts to end this cruel “sport”. In light of this, FOUR PAWS UK has written to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Elizabeth Truss, to call on her to stand up for a ban on the import of lion trophies into the UK. We have also written to Foreign Office minister Grant Shapps, asking him to do the same. Mr Shapps himself has called on all governments in Africa to end hunting such as the killing of Cecil the Lion.


A ban on the import of trophies into the UK, such as the one already introduced in Australia, would send a clear message that the UK Government does not support trophy hunting and is serious about its promises to protect wildlife.

Read the full letter here.


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and unscrupulous forms of trophy hunting.

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