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© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott

Public money is funding animal suffering – together we can fight for better animal welfare in public institutions.


Numerous surveys suggest that animal welfare is a public concern. But is this reflected in the way public money is used?


Each day public institutions serve many meals. From schools and universities to hospitals and retirement homes – the public sector plays a role in every life phase.  Very often these institutions provide food, but there is rarely any transparency about the origin of this food. In the case of animal products such as milk, eggs and meat this lack of transparency may be hiding a background of suffering and poor animal welfare practices!

© FOUR PAWS | Gabriel Paun

Factory farming and lack of animal welfare

Most farm animals are kept under factory farm conditions. These animals are kept in small, barren barn-systems throughout their lives (where they are kept indoors until slaughter and have no straw or enrichments to keep them busy).


In order for these systems to work at all, the animals are often mutilated: the beaks of chickens are trimmed, cows are de-horned and pigs have their tails cut off. Problems also arise when animals are bred to achieve high performance - inflamed udders in dairy cows, fattening turkeys that cannot stand up due to their heavy breasts, and sows that give birth to more piglets than they have teats.

© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott

Together we can do something for these animals!

FOUR PAWS is calling on public institutions to ensure they only source products that consider animal welfare! In addition, less meat should be served. This is better for animals, better for health and better for the environment. But we need your support to change something!

The Solution

Whenever public institutions buy animal products, the following requirements should be met:

  • Let the animals be animals! Natural behaviour must be allowed and encouraged
  • Avoid pain and suffering
  • Animal husbandry - adjust the keeping system to the animal!
  • More space, outdoor access and daylight
  • Animal welfare must be put before maximizing the output
  • Fair treatment of animals until death must be ensured.


© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott



We recently asked our supporters to take part in our survey to be part of our brand new food campaign. The response was overwhelming, and it was clear that so many of you want to see better animal welfare standards in public procurement.


Because of this response, we have now launched a pledge where you can say NO! to public money funding animal cruelty.


Over 12,000 people have already spoken up for farm animals, can we count on you too?


Pledge your support and together we can say NO! to the status quo!