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APGAW - Parliamentary group proposes new dog welfare strategy


Earlier this month FOUR PAWS UK attended the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW). The meeting at parliament drew a high attendance as the agenda was focused on discussing the new Dog Strategy report compiled by the APGAW sub group, it can be read here .


The strategy is to act as a framework to improve the welfare of dogs in the UK under the headings of Dog Control, Dog Breeding, Dealing and Trading, Dog Identification and Responsible Dog Guardianship. From these headings, 21 recommendations have been developed and submitted to Lord De Mauley.

FOUR PAWS UK welcomes the report as there are many important suggestions to be commended. There is a move away from breed specific legislation towards issues such as a lack of education and irresponsible ownership. 


Although the meeting had conservative and labour MPs in attendance there is much interest regarding how it will be received and if it will be adopted as a manifesto commitment by each of the political parties ahead of the 2015 General Election.


While the report is found to be encouraging, FOUR PAWS UK are concerned that it fails to address the urgent need to acknowledge that online sales are driving the unscrupulous puppy trade. FOUR PAWS UK would advise anyone that would like a new dog companion to visit a local rescue centre and give a dog a loving home. With rescue centres across the UK being inundated with rescued dogs each year there is a huge over population which needs to be addressed. What contributes to this over population is the sale of puppies in DEFRA licensed pet shops and online platforms such as Pets 4 Homes and Gumtree.



If you or anyone you know have ever witnessed any actions related to the puppy trade or indeed ever fallen victim to the trade please, FOUR PAWS UK wants to hear your story on: