Animal abuse for tourism is happening now, right on our doorstep.


From festivals, to zoos, circuses or for selfies, across Europe animals are suffering for our entertainment.

Few tourists are aware, however, that these animals have not adapted to be around humans, but are usually sedated or psychologically ‘beaten’ down to the point of submission. They go back to small cages, where they spend the rest of their lives, with no access to proper food, nature or even light. 

This is their true story. 

stop cruel animal attractions! 

I pledge to never take part in activities that will cause harm to animals


Ruthless tourism Trailer

Animal abuse for tourism is happening now, right on our doorstep.


Tigress Noa

For 150 euros, tourists can now 'rent' Noa for an hour, walk her on a leash, pet her and take selfies.


Elephant Riding

For just five euros you ride on an elephant’s back in Germany. They can be ridden, as well as fed, washed and taken for a walk. If the elephants are not booked, they perform tricks in the circus or pull visitors on sledges in the winter. 

czech republic

Circus shows are endlessly cruel!

Looking visibly weak, the animals in this Czech Republic circus are made to perform tricks such as jumping over hurdles, running around the ring, standing up and posing, and spinning on small platforms. 


Medieval shows are brutal and unnecessary!

The owner believes these shows are educational and that the animals choose to perform, but the reality looks much different.

Travelers animal alert

If you see tour operators, attractions, or organisations violating the rights of animals or abusing an animal’s welfare, let us know at