Medical Mission for Dog and Cat


Meat Trade Survivors

From 30 September through the 2nd of October, FOUR PAWS stray animal care team was on the ground in Manado, Indonesia working with Animal Friends Manado (AFMI), providing vital medical care to dogs and cats rescued from the horrific meat trade.

The town of Manado is located in the province of North Sulawesi, an area known for a rampant dog meat trade. The province is home to several ‘extreme’ markets, where animals are killed in the most brutal of ways. Most of the dogs and cats that end up in the market are either stolen local pets, or strays transported from distant provinces over 20 hours away.

The AFMI shelter is home to over 100 dogs and cats rescued from the meat trade. Rescued animals require tremendous medical care. By the time most animals arrive at the markets, they suffer from a variety of medical conditions including broken bones, severe dehydration, and infected wounds. Many do not survive the long journeys. Once rescued, dogs and cats need considerable medical care to make them suitable for adoption. Furthermore, their ordeal leaves them emotionally scarred requiring extensive rehabilitation.

Following the recent rescues last month of dogs and cats from the markets, FOUR PAWS sent a team to the AFMI shelter for a follow-up visit, to ensure the medical care of rescued dogs and cats, and provide sterilization services to eliminate the birth of unwanted liters that could end up back in the meat trade. During the clinic we sterilized a total of 64 dogs and cats, and performed a variety of additional medical procedures including tumor removals, treatment for respiratory illness, and wound bandaging. Once word of our clinic spread, members of the local community that had rescued or adopted dogs from the meat trade also turned out to seek out medical care for their pets. We saw these patients late into the night. All in all, we treated over 100 dogs and cats.

The clinic was a great success. All of the patients were successfully treated and recovered from surgery uneventfully.

As part of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia Coalition, our campaign relies upon strong on-the-ground partners like AFMI who can help combat the dog meat trade on a local level. And we owe It to them (and the animals of course) to make sure rescued animals are healthy and happy!