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Highlights & Achievements



LIONSROCK: A new life for six lions

LIONSROCK: A new life for six formerly captive lions
© FOUR PAWS/ Mihai Vasile

For six lions, a new species-appropriate life begins under the African sun. FOUR PAWS brings the former zoo and circus lions from the rescue station FELIDA to the FOUR PAWS Big Cats Sanctuary LIONSROCK, where they can enjoy their retirement in huge enclosures. Check out a video of their journey here:


Help for bears


In 2014, FOUR PAWS continued its work helping bears in need. This year, we were able to rescue nine bears from poor keeping conditions and give them a new, species-appropriate home in one of our bear sanctuaries; among them two Bulgarian bears, which were taken in by the Dancing Bears Park Belitsa. In April, we welcomed the twentieth bear in Bear Forest Müritz – Hanna from the animal park Wolgast. Overall, we look after 68 bears in our bear projects in Bulgaria, Germany, Kosovo, Austria and Ukraine.

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One year anniversary BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina

Anniversary BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina
© FOURPAWS / Hazir Reka

The youngest of our Bear Sanctuaries celebrated a small anniversary this autumn. Last year, FOUR PAWS rescued several restaurant bears in Kosovo and built them a new home. In September 2014, the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina was officially opened. And its residents now have more space. The four new outdoor enclosures are ready and the bears now have a total of five acres available.


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Disaster Relief I: Balkan Floods

Disaster relief Balkans
© FOUR PAWS / Mihai Vasile

In May and June, day-long rains lead to severe flooding in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. A FOUR PAWS emergency team spent three weeks in the crises region, to supply farm and domestic animals with food and medicine. FOUR PAWS also provided food donations for the weeks after the flood.


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Disaster Relief II: Gaza

Gaza disaster relief

At the end of September, FOUR PAWS freed two lions and a lioness from the completely wrecked ‘‘Al Bisan’’ Zoo in the northern Gaza Strip. In a delicate mission, the weakened animals are brought to their temporary home in Jordan, where they recover from the strain. Of about 80 animals from the Zoo, only close to 30 survived the devastating bomb attacks.


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Birth Control for wild horses

Wild horses in Letea
© FOUR PAWS | Christian Nistor

Since the population of wild horses of the Romanian Letea forest has grown steadily in recent years, FOUR PAWS is carrying out a project for birth control, in which the mares are administered a contraceptive. Next year, a team of FOUR PAWS staff and Romanian veterinarians will continue to take care of the horses in the Danube Delta.


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Stray Animal Care I: The Baltic States

SAC: Baltic states
© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

In March FOUR PAWS started a new stray project in Lithuania and Latvia. The municipalities of the capitals Vilnius and Riga have opted for castration as the only humane and long-term method of birth control in stray animals.


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Stray Animal Care II: Partial success for Romanian stray dogs

FOUR PAWS campaigners protesting against the killing law
© FOUR PAWS / Matthias Schickhofer

The commitment of FOUR PAWS culminated in a victory against the controversial killing law for Romanian stray dogs at the Bucharest Court of Appeal. On June 20, the so-called application norms of the law were overridden. This meant that killing of stray dogs became illegal.


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"Dogs for People": Strays help senior citizens

Dogs for people

The FOUR PAWS project "Dogs for People", launched in 2004, offers former strays a new life. They are trained by experts to become therapy or rescue dogs. In addition to working with children and youngsters, the trained animals went in 2014, for the first time, to a nursing home to visit the senior citizens living there.


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