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Donor FAQs

How can I change my personal information?
You can change your details by phoning us on 020 7922 7954 or via our online contact form. If it is a change of address please do not forget to include your old address so that we can find your old record.

Is FOUR PAWS a registered charity?
Yes, FOUR PAWS is a registered charity. Our charity number is 1118102.

How can I change or cancel my Direct Debit?
You can contact us via our online contact form or phone 020 7922 7954.

I have received unsolicited mail from FOUR PAWS. Why is that?
To fund a sustainable future for animals, FOUR PAWS aims to recruit new donors whom we know have an affinity with animal welfare. If you do not wish to support our work and do not respond to our appeal, we will not contact you again.

I want less or no postal appeals from FOUR PAWS. How can I let you know?
If you wish to hear less from us, or not at all, please let us know via the contact form or call 020 7922 7954.

Why has FOUR PAWS sent me a free gift?
FOUR PAWS wants to thank our donors for their support. This could be in the form of our annual calendar, which many of our donors eagerly await. We ensure that all gifts are cost-effective. If you would like to not receive any free gifts, please fill in our online contact form or phone 020 7922 7954.

Will I receive mail from like-minded organisations?

To save on costs, FOUR PAWS does share information with other charities. You can opt-out of this by filling out a contact form or calling 020 7922 7954.

Do you work only animals with four paws?
No, we also campaign to improve animal welfare in the farming industry including geese and chickens.

How can I leave a legacy to FOUR PAWS?
Please visit this page to order a Legacy Pack from FOUR PAWS.

Can I help in any other ways?
Yes, you can. Please visit our Get Involved page to see how else you can help animals.

Who can I contact with a complaint?
If you have a complaint regarding FOUR PAWS, please contact us via the online contact form. We aim to respond to your complaint within 10 working days.