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Week 9

FOUR PAWS teams have already neutered 3,000 stray dogs in Ukraine

Our FOUR PAWS teams are working around the clock in Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Zaporozhe to help stray dogs by neutering them and giving them medical treatment. They have already neutered 3,000 dogs, and will continue to operate after the European Championship has ended.

Big challenge in a metal factory

Last week, workers in a metal factory asked our Kiev teams for help. There were dozens of stray dogs living all over the premises. The workers like the strays, feed them and have even given them names. Some dogs had hidden in concrete pipes. Dog handler Ivo had to crawl in to collect them.

Others had hidden behind a steel wall. So a factory worker cut a hole into the wall with a blow torch to create an opening for our dog handlers.

In total, our FOUR PAWS team took three days to collect all the stray dogs on the premises.

Pensioners caring for stray dogs at a retirement home

One of our teams stopped by a retirement home last week where a lot of stray dogs find shelter.

A lady living there cares lovingly for the animals and feeds them regularly. She watched quite anxiously when our dog handlers took them to the animal transporter. She was extremely happy when her animals were brought back to her the next day, neutered, vaccinated and cared for properly.