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Week 7/8

Unfortunately, last week ended very disappointingly for the FOUR PAWS team. The contract between Kharkiv and FOUR PAWS scheduled to be signed last Friday was cancelled at the last minute. Authorities in Kharkiv wanted to alter the content of the agreement substantially. For FOUR PAWS the changes meant that the project could not be implemented properly and there was also no clear commitment to stop the dog killings by the authorities. FOUR PAWS hopes that the authorities will eventually reconsider their decision.

Neutering programme kicks off in Donetsk

However, there’s positive news from Donetsk where our neutering programme has officially kicked off. The authorities warmly welcomed the FOUR PAWS team.

Providing help in Kiev

Sometimes, it’s rather difficult for our teams to pick up the strays. Last week, our dog handlers Aurel and Dimitry took many hours to pick up15 dogs on a big parking area where there were many garages. The animals were extremely nervous. Although they could be enticed with food, they wouldn’t let themselves be handled.

Aurel and dimitri had to sedate most of the dogs with a blowpipe. Many of them were so scared by it that they squeezed themselves between the narrow alleys between the garages. Fortunately, Aurel is very thin! – he could fit between the alleys and managed to grab some of the dogs.

He even had to pick up strays from their hide-out by climbing over the roof. With a lot of patience, Aurel and Dimitry eventually transfered all 15 dogs into the animal transporters. All 15 have now been neutered and returned to live in their territory between the garages.

Neuterings in an aluminium factory in Zaporozhye

Some 300 dogs live on the premises of an aluminium factory in Zaporozhye, and the population grows every year. Therefore, the authorities asked FOUR PAWS for help. On arrival, our team was welcomed warmly by the manager and some of his team. They said that all people in the aluminium factory were animal lovers and grateful that FOUR PAWS would take care of them. With the help of the employees, 40 strays were transferred to the mobile clinic to be neutered - during the next few days they will pick up as many dogs as possible.