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Week 6

For more than a week now, eight FOUR PAWS veterinarians and many volunteers have been working in Zaporozhye. During the first week, 150 stray dogs have already been neutered. The city of Zaporozhye has warmly welcomed FOUR PAWS and given its full support. Many people are actively helping us: they bring their own animals or tell us where to find stray dogs.

The caring hands of dog handler Ovidiu

FOUR PAWS‘ Ovidiu seems to have very special skills when it comes to dog handling. In a park in Zaporozhye, strays ran into his arms as though they were hypnotized. Watching Ovidiu in action is magical! A lot of people watch him, totally enthralled.

Rescue of stray dog Zapo

A little bit later, Ovidiu was called to an emergency. A young man reported that a stray dog was hit by a car on a large street close to a fast food restaurant. The team rushed to get there, and when it arrived, a newspaper vendor showed them where the dog lay, badly injured. And once more, Ovidiu showed off his magic skills: the dog stayed completely calm as if he knew that he would now get help…

Our vet Anca immediately applied first aid in the mobile clinic and checked the dog carefully. Unfortunately, his front left leg was so badly injured it had to be amputated. All FOUR PAWS helpers were terribly worried how Zapo, as they called the stray, would come through this big procedure. But only a day after the surgery, Zapo was doing quite well. However, he can’t go back to live on the streets and is therefore looking for a loving home.

Help for Ilona’s dogs

Ilona and her husband have dedicated their lives to helping stray dogs. On their premises they provide a home to countless dogs. Their home is close to a hospice for people treated for cancer. Seriously ill patients keep bringing their dogs as they cannot care for them anymore. Ilona’s big heart for animals has already become famous. People sometimes simply place their dogs in her garden. Only recently she found two little dogs in the waste container. Ilona and her husband go to every length to care for the animals, but the costs grow bigger and bigger. Our FOUR PAWS team is neutering and vaccinating all animals and is providing medical treatment for the ones that have diseases or injuries.