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Week 5

More and more city administrations are cooperating with FOUR PAWS to support our neutering project. Since Monday, one of our FOUR PAWS teams has been working in Zaporozhye and neutering dozens of dogs every day. Another team has arrived in Donetsk and will start working on Thursday. Also, the city of Kharkiv will soon be cooperating with us.

Fantastic feedback from Ukrainians

Every day many Ukrainians come to say hello to our team in Hidropark to show their appreciation. They bring their pets to have them neutered and are eager to help us with our work.

Help for Natasha’s dogs and cats

Last week, our team got to know Natasha, a homeless woman who has been living in a self-made rubble shack with 13 dogs and four cats for five years. Although she has barely enough to make a living, she continues to feed the animals and takes care of them as best she can. Our team offered to neuter her animals. First she declined because she thought she’d have to pay for the treatment but once she understood that we would do it for free and even give them a medical checkup she was happy to bring her beloved animals. The next day, we were able to return her animals – neutered and vaccinated. Natasha was overjoyed!

Visit of the FOUR PAWS president

Last week, FOUR PAWS president and founder Helmut Dungler came to Kiev in order to discuss with the director of project development Dr. Amir Khalil further programme developments. He didn’t hesitate to lend the team a hand and helped with dog handling and neutering.

Supporters with big hearts are doing a terrific job

Our many volunteers from many countries are doing a great job and help wherever they are needed.

During the last few weeks, three of our volunteers have reconstructed and renovated the SOS animal shelter close to Kiev. Many enclosures were in poor condition. Some of the newborn kittens kept falling from places high above. With a lot of dedication and creativity, the team searched the territory around the shelter for building materials and constructed a new home with lots of play areas for the cats by using old tree trunks and car tires.

Also in the Gostomel animal shelter, our dedicated helpers have worked hard to help the dogs and cats on site. A group of volunteers has even bought a new washing machine for the shelter with their own money. One of them has even given his shoes to a shelter staff member and left barefoot!