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Week 4

Third mobile vet clinic in Kiev

A third mobile vet clinic has been in action in Kiev since last week. It is in the Hidropark, a huge entertainment complex on the Dnieper River. One of our FOUR PAWS teams is collecting stray dogs there and neutering them on-site. In addition to the mobile vet clinic there is a FOUR PAWS information stand. The reaction has been enormous and extremely positive. Crowds of people are coming every day to bring us dogs and cats for neutering.

Kiev citizens helping

Our neutering programme is becoming more and more well known. Many people who have seen our mobile vet clinics and banners in the city are supporting us.

Every day government dog handlers and Ukrainian citizens bring stray dogs to our mobile vet clinic and to the shelters of our Ukrainian partner organizations Gostomel and SOS. Again and again small puppies are brought to the shelters. Many of them are in a poor state of health and need antibiotics, special nutrition and loving care. One of the puppies felt uncomfortable with the other dogs. He is now living together with cats and recovering from the traumatic first weeks of life.

Special operations in Kiev

Sometimes our teams are confronted with special challenges. Last Monday FOUR PAWS members drove by a building with several stray dogs out front. They stopped and asked the guard if all the dogs were already neutered. He told them that only two were neutered and that he fed and took care of them every day. As the dogs were very shy they immediately ran away. Therefore the FOUR PAWS members asked the man to lure them into a confined area. The next morning the FOUR PAWS team was in for a surprise! The guard had lured all ten dogs into a small garden with fencing. The only exit from the garden was a small window. The animal welfare team could carefully bring the animals through the window outside. The animals were then all neutered and released back in their area.

Neutering in Lviv

Our FOUR PAWS team was received enthusiastically in Lviv. Members of local animal welfare organizations were waiting for our help for months. Many of them pay for neutering and treatment of dogs with their own money. Neutering one animal in a vet clinic costs around 50 euros – an enormous sum in relation to the monthly Ukrainian average income of 250 euros.

In the Lviv Miloserdie sanctuary which is operated by a local animal welfare organization there are 300 dogs. They are all rescued dogs previously living on the street. Some of them had severe injuries. All are well fed and cared for, but the shelter cannot provide funds for neutering all the animals. In the coming weeks FOUR PAWS will neuter and treat all the dogs there.