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Week 2/3

FOUR PAWS is neutering dogs in Kiev and Lviv

Our teams are currently on the road with three mobile vet clinics neutering dogs in Kiev and in Lviv. Hundreds of animals have already been neutered and released in the territory where they were found. A fourth mobile vet clinic will soon go into action in Kiev. Two more clinics are waiting for the start of the neutering programme in Donetsk and Zaporizhia.

Preparations at the shelter Gostomel near Kiev

In recent weeks our FOUR PAWS teams assisted our partner organization KSPA (Kyiv City Society for the Protection of Animals) in installing heaters and water pipes in the Gostomel shelter near Kiev. Volunteers also helped and did a fantastic job preparing the shelter for the planned neuterings there. The shelter accommodates 700 stray dogs and more than 100 stray cats who are waiting for loving homes. FOUR PAWS vets led by Dr. Amir Khalil are already neutering dozens of dogs in the shelter and releasing them.

FOUR PAWS helps desperate pensioner

A few days ago we received a call from a desperate woman, Raisa Slazunova, who lives in Borispol, 30 kilometres from Kiev. The retired lady keeps 60 cats and six dogs in her small house who she has saved from certain death. She has a big heart and dedicates her life to animals. However some of her animals urgently needed medical treatment, and the veterinary fees were far more than she could afford. Therefore, she asked FOUR PAWS for help. Our FOUR PAWS team immediately despatched a mobile clinic to the house in order to neuter, vaccinate and treat more than 20 cats and three dogs. Neighbours noticed the FOUR PAWS team and also brought us their cats to be neutered. All animals are doing good, and Raisa Slazunova sent us a touching letter of thanks. We are glad that we could help her animals!

Great feedback from the Ukrainian people

We receive a huge number of calls on a daily basis from Ukrainian people who thank us for our work and offer their support.