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Week 11/12

FOUR PAWS has already neutered more than 5,000 stray dogs in Ukraine.

Great result so far for our huge neutering program: We have already neutered and treated more than 5,000 dogs in the cities of Kiev, Donetsk, Lviv and Zaporozyhe.

FOUR PAWS in Lutsk

Since last week one of our FOUR PAWS teams has been working in Lutsk, one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Most of the strays in Lutsk have already been neutered. Our team estimates the number of dogs not neutered at just 150. The team will remain in the city until all 150 animals have been neutered.

Great support from the public

Again and again our teams meet people in Ukraine who are doing what they can for "their“ stray dogs. FOUR PAWS would like to thank all members of the public who have helped the dogs in Ukraine! The stories of Natasha, Galina and Piotr are typical examples of the love given by the public.

Natasha, Galina and Piotr’s 40 stray dogs

Natasha, Galina and Piotr are three pensioners who have been friends for decades. Eight years ago they decided to take care of stray dogs in Kiev. Although they have very modest incomes, they feed the animals at their own expense and take care of 40 stray dogs in three different areas of the city. Most of the dogs have been neutered thanks to the three friends who have spent a lot of their money on helping the animals.

After they heard that many strays were being systematically killed, they built nine underground dog houses with wooden walls and ceilings, and equipped them with carpets and blankets. A perfect home for the strays that offers them protection!

Natasha, Galina and Piotr recently heard that FOUR PAWS was neutering and treating dogs in Kiev. As seven of their 40 stray dogs hadn’t been neutered yet, they asked FOUR PAWS for help. One of our teams came to help. As the dogs were very shy, our FOUR PAWS teams had to be very patient.

It took many hours to collect all strays. Finally our FOUR PAWS veterinarians neutered and treated all seven dogs.

Many thanks to Natasha, Galina and Piotr for their great commitment! They showed love for the animals!