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Week 10

EURO 2012 has finished but our FOUR PAWS teams are continuing their work in Ukraine. Both our stray dog neutering program and our bear rescue project will continue. Thanks to your great support we have already treated and neutered more than four thousand dogs and freed five bears from cruel captivity. Thank you!

Our thanks also go to dozens of volunteers who did a great job and gave our FOUR PAWS teams’ strong support over the past few months.

There are many stories to tell but here is just one of them. Dutch, 68-year-old, Willy and her husband Tom decided to do what they could to protect animals. When they came to Vienna to visit friends a few months ago, they joined us in our Vienna office and asked us if they could be useful in Ukraine. The answer was: Of course! So they travelled to Kiev and worked in one of our mobile animal rescue ambulances. They carefully registered l the neutered stray dogs and monitored the four-legged patiens after their anasthesia. Furthermore they did a great job in the GOSTOMOEL shelter of our partner organization and helped wherever needed.

Emergencies in the GOSOTMEL shelter

Again and again our teams pick up animals from the street that are so ill that they need to be treated and fed on special food for weeks. Kitten Genia had a huge abscess on one of her eyes and needed to be operated on immediately. As she was very small and weak, our volunteers fed her with a milk syringe and touchingly cared for her.

Genia is now getting better. And she even found a friend. Shortly after her arrival in GOSTOMEL a FOUR PAWS member brought puppy Juan to the shelter. He was totally exhausted and had wounds all over his body. For days FOUR PAWS veterinarians disinfected his wounds. The two animals became friends.