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FOUR PAWS teams reach Ukraine

Our mobile clinics and team members are in Kiev – the major neutering project has begun!

Six teams consisting of 60 veterinarians, assistants, animal carers and dog-handlers as well as 60 volunteers will be helping in Kiev. In the coming weeks they will be active in the four large cities of Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv as well as other smaller cities.

First neuterings with the help of our Ukrainian partner organisations
Last week neutering training started. The first dogs were neutered in the SOS shelter in Kiev. This shelter is headed by our Ukrainian partner organisation SOS. After one day the neutered dogs hadrecovered and were brought back to the place where they were picked up and released.

At the same time, our Ukrainian partner organisation KSPA has installed with our support a new kennels and a new heating system in its shelter in Kiev so that the dogs can be neutered there soon.

Training of veterinarians and students at the National University of Ukraine

FOUR PAWS and a team of other experts trained veterinarians and students at the National University of Life and Enviromental Sciences of Ukraine. They were trained in a special neutering technique whereby only small cuts are necessary. The dog experiences almost no pain after the operation and recovers quickly. Veterinarians and students were very impressed at how easily dogs can be neutered. 39 students immediately agreed to support our project as volunteers.

Neutering in mobile clinics

The neutering in our mobile clinics will start on 23rd April in Kiev. Professionally trained FOUR PAWS members will pick up the dogs and bring them to one of the mobile clinics. There will then be neutered, vaccinated, treated and ear tagged. As soon as they have recovered they will be brought back to familiar territory.

FOUR PAWS receives positive feedback

Our teams were warmly received in Ukraine. “I am impressed with the great feedback from the people of Ukraine“, says project manager Dr. Amir Khalil. “Every day we receive calls from people who want to help us. It’s not just Ukrainian people who want to help the FOUR PAWS project- people from several countries want to travel to Ukraine to support us.”
Together with the Ukrainian authorities, FOUR PAWS wants to assist in solving the stray dog problem in a long term and animal-friendly way.