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FOUR PAWS works with local authorities to neuter and register all dogs in area of Romania

FOUR PAWS is celebrating after it managed to neuter and register all the owned dogs in an area of northern Romania.


Romania has had a considerable stray dog population for some years, recently leading to the introduction of the controversial and draconian stray dog killing law.


FOUR PAWS has been campaigning tirelessly to overturn this legislation, and believes that neutering to control dog population growth is not only a more humane, but also a more effective way of managing the situation in the long term.


Dog owners in Romania have traditionally avoided neutering their dogs, for a number of reasons. The high costs of veterinary services, lack of information about assistance programs, and at times irresponsible dog ownership, are all thought to have contributed.


But FOUR PAWS believes that by launching large-scale services and campaigns for dog owners, the number of people who simply abandon their dogs can be limited, therefore helping to bring down the overall stray dog population.

Neutering is the only humane and sustainable solution.
© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

Great success with the help of local authorities

FOUR PAWS officials walked door to door to convince dog owners in the Jichisu de Jos municipality to get their dogs neutered, while a FOUR PAWS mobile veterinary clinic was also used so that procedures could be performed on site, in the most remote areas of the municipality. During this time, FOUR PAWS veterinarians neutered and micro-chipped 450 dogs from the backyards of the five villages of the municipality, which is near the Romanian city of Dej.


The project could not have been achieved without the support of the municipality’s city hall, the local police and local veterinarians. Hopefully, this example can show authorities in other parts of the country that humane and effective solutions can be achieved through collaboration. 

The FOUR PAWS mobile clinic has been on site too.
© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

Neutering as sustainable solution

"We have received great results from this project. We want to show the central administration and all of the Mayors in Romania, that with the help of local authorities, the problems of dog overpopulation and abandonment, can be addressed in a humane and efficient manner. We will continue our work in the area with another project, in Mica, a village very close to the city of Dej,” says Anca Tomescu, Head of Stray Animal Care at FOUR PAWS.

New law will penalise owners of non-neutered dogs

Coming into effect in January 2015, a new Dog Management Law will mean that all owners of non-pedigreed dogs in Romania will risk big penalties if they don’t neuter, vaccinate, microchip and register their dogs.