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Vet training in Jordan

A Stray Animal Care (SAC) team has once again travelled to Jordan, where FOUR PAWS maintains a successful, long-term partnership with the Princess Alia Foundation, led by HRH Princess Alia. The second journey to the Hashemite Kingdom comes in support of the local ABC (“Animal Birth Control”) project, which was established in 2010. ABC is already capable of neutering up to 1200 animals a month in the country’s larger cities.

The SAC team worked in Amman for a full week, neutering 344 dogs and offering practical training to the ABC vets and dog catchers on site, using their facilities. 35 of the animals needed further medical assistance. Among the veterinarians working in Amman are students that got involved with the project when FOUR PAWS introduced its neutering methods at the Jordan University of Science & Technology in Irbid in 2010.

A happy ending for Alex and Ana

In the shelter where the neutering project operates, a puppy was found unattended. FOUR PAWS staff members tried to get another female with puppies to accept the young dog, but failed. While preparations were made to hand-raise the puppy, its mother was found in a group of 200 dogs. Even though she was tired and stressed, she immediately started to care for the pup and the reunion witnessed by the team was nothing short of spectacular. The daughter of team leader Anca Tomescu named the young dog Alex and the mother Ana. By the end of the successful stay in Amman, both animals were adopted and are now in good hands.