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In memory of Coda - a special tiger

Coda was 10 years old when he died unexpectedly from a rare condition.
© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

In Africa, tigers are mainly used by the cruel and relentless breeding industry, which sole purpose is to make money from their body parts in one or another way. Traditional Asian medicine or heartless hunters are providing the demand. As tigers are not indigenous to Africa, their keeping conditions are not officially regulated. Everyone can breed tigers without any concerns for their needs.  A reality which is difficult to understand for any animal lover.

One little tiger was born into this industry, his name was Coda

Coda was taken away from his mother and siblings and sold to a game farm owner where he was used together with some lion cubs who shared his fate,  to amuse guests. Coda quickly grew bigger and again lost his new siblings, the lion cubs. He was put alone in a small cage as he was too big and too dangerous for human interaction. No one knows exactly what was in store for him when he was fully grown.

Since he was a cub, Coda never experience life alongside other tigers. Instead, he spent his days surrounded by people
© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

Coda’s fate turned

When Coda was almost two years old, he got new owners, but this time it was going to be different. Owners who did not just want to exploit him to make money or send him away to an uncertain future. They loved him very much and built him a new big enclosure with a pool in it, because tigers enjoy water. Finally he could roam in his own little paradise and have his own choice of what to do and when. 


At his new home, at FOUR PAWS' Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK in South Africa, care takers, volunteers and guests came to visit him every day, spend time with him and talk to him. Coda was never with other tigers since he was a cub but always around people, so this is what he knew, what he needed and enjoyed - human attention. In the coming years more tigers arrived and were rescued from bad conditions. Coda now realised that there were others like him. But he was happy with his human friends, who always gave him what he needed most – love!


Coda was 10 years old when he died unexpectedly from a rare condition. Despite all efforts to save him, he passed away on 16th September. His wonderful soft nature, his playful spirit and all the attributes of a magnificent tiger will forever be part of the soul of LIONSROCK. For the people who had the luck of meeting Coda he will never be forgotten.  We at LIONSROCK together with our friends and supporters all over the world are very saddened by this loss.