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Mihal is now safe at Müritz


Mihal has safely arrived at our bear sanctuary in Muritz, Germany. The journey took 12 hours but under the care of our rescue team and Dr. Gortiz (from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin), no complications arose and the trip ran smoothly. Blood and faecal samples will now be taken from Mihal to determine what treatments he may require.

Mihal has never felt grass under his paws, but is now exploring his new enclosure and getting used to not walking on concrete any more. He has spent some time in an observation enclosure until the team were sure he was ready to move to his specialised enclosure at the sanctuary. After losing his leg is a fight with another bear, Mihal used to limp around in a circle in his concrete pit. FOUR PAWS are dedicated to the rehabilitation of Mihal, so that he can overcome the trauma of his former life.

Mihal is roaming around his new habitat, but remains cautious. He has been eating lots of grass, which is a good sign! He has also been for a swim, something he couldn't do in his old enclosure as the sides were too steep for his to enter it. He is showing good signs of recovery and we are confident that he will settle in well at Muritz.

We'd like to thank everyone who made this rescue possible by donating, without your support it would not have been possible.

The liberation of bears from poor keeping conditions is an issue that FOUR PAWS is committed to. In the past few years we have succeeded in numerous rescues to save all the dancing bears in the EU and to convict where possible. Now FOUR PAWS is focusing on another important issue - the keeping of bears in barren zoos, restaurants and private collections.