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Serbian bear Milena dies after 15 months of happiness



Milena, a former dancing bear, estimated at over 30 years of age, has passed away in her sleep.

The courageous female was rescued by FOUR PAWS in January of 2009 in Serbia and had been the most uncertain factor in the dramatic transfer of a group of three. But Milena survived the strenuous rescue mission and adapted to the living conditions at DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa with ease; she surprised the expert staff on site by hibernating for the first time in her life. It turned out to be her only winter’s rest. In spite of the grief, the Bulgarian FOUR PAWS team is proud to have seen her enjoy the happiest 15 months of her life.

After the success of the winter transfer, which included a 24-hour political showdown at the Serbian border, Milena became one of the oldest inhabitants at the DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa. Alongside 7-year-old Seida and 10-year-old Nastasija, Milena had started her new life at quite an old age for a bear – particularly one that had spent most of its life under horrid circumstances. With impressive eagerness, the female seemed determined to make the most of the remaining time. Milena spent 15 lively months without the nose ring that had kept her in pain throughout her life. She was buried in the woods of the FOUR PAWS sanctuary that was her home.