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Bear cub Bodia's bird's eye view

© Four Paws

Bear cub Bodia in FOUR PAWS Bear Rescue Centre Nadiya

Not for faint-hearted keepers

One thing’s for sure bear cub Bodia doesn’t suffer from vertigo. In his large enclosure at the Bear Rescue Centre Nadiya – run by FOUR PAWS in the Ukraine – it’s unclear whether Bodia wanted to run through a couple of balance exercises high up on the wooden poles, was hoping for a bird’s eye view, or simply thrill seeking. Either way, Bodia’s keepers were pretty worried at first, but quickly calmed down once they saw how safely the young bear clambered about between the posts.


Bodia and Nastia victims of ruthless animal traders

Bodia has clearly learned a few things from his neighbour Nastia, who is also an enthusiastic climber. Both cubs had been victims of ruthless animal traders, but FOUR PAWS managed to rescue them and bring them to the Bear Rescue Centre in Zhytomyr.  The video of Nastia being snatched away from her mother was watched world-wide. Bodia, on the other hand, was bought by a Ukrainian TV broadcaster for just US$1000, together with FOUR PAWS, the journalists wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to illegally trade in young animals.

© Four Paws

A look into the future: the beginning of a friendship?

The good news is that after a suitable period of getting used to each other, the two young bears should soon be “socialised”, that is, paired up together. Then they’ll be able to go on their climbing and discovery adventures together, and keep an eye out for each other.