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Spring awakening - the bears end their hibernation!


One of the best signs of a successful recovery for formerly captive bears is the ability to hibernate. After many years in unsuitable keeping conditions, their natural biorhythm is pulling through - and the animals have spent the winter months in a state of dormancy.

Now the bears have left their sleeping dens at our Austrian sanctuary Arbesbach and are becoming more active. This is also a good sign that Spring has indeed arrived!

For the bears, waking up does not just mean a a chance to enjoy their surroundings, but also foraging for food. The reserves they built up before the Winter have almost been completely expended during hibernation. Vinzenz, Liese, Tom, Jerry and Lara are very obviously hungry and are searching for everything that the FOUR PAWS bear keepers have hidden for them in the woodland. Hiding food means that the bears behave like wild bears, searching for their food rather than having it on a plate in front of them at the same time each day. This is part of our keeping philosophy at our bear sanctuaries. But even Brumca, who is an older bear and spends most of her time alone, is back to roaming the woodland and discovering a new lease of life!