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Help us campaign against new beagle breeding facility


FOUR PAWS is campaigning against the possible construction of a new beagle breeding and supply facility in England. And we urgently need your help to win this campaign. With the support of other compassionate individuals like you, we successfully campaigned along with other animal protection groups for a similar planning application to be rejected just last year.


Now, a new planning proposal has been submitted by Yorkshire Evergreen to the Planning Committee of the Council of East Riding. The proposal is to construct a facility to breed and supply dogs and rodents to the research industry.

Please take action now, today. Help us and other leading animal protection organisations prevent the breeding and supply of animals into experiments and suffering. You can read more below to discover the kinds of experiments beagles are typically used for – if you can stomach it – sadly they have no choice.


To take action now, simply:


Write to the Planning Committee and politely ask them to reject Yorkshire Green's application to build a new facility to breed and supply dogs and rodents to the research industry. You can complete their online form here, or write to them at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 9BA.


Thank you for your help with this vital campaign.  Your support really matters.


Here’s why: Dogs and rodents from the proposed facility would be bred to supply laboratories, where they would be used in experiments. For example, beagles are typically used in toxicity (poisoning) testing for medicines and all manner of industrial and household chemicals.  This can see these gentle animals force fed chemicals and drugs, including in some cases via a tube inserted in their mouth direct to their stomach. Effects include vomiting, internal bleeding and organ damage, seizures, paralysis and death.


Beagles are highly intelligent, affectionate and gentle natured dogs and are specifically selected for use in laboratories because of their docile, passive character and manageable size. Let’s send a clear message now to the breeders of animals for research that we will not tolerate this treatment of these loving animals that are no different to our pets.


Recent years have seen a continual rise in the number of animals used in experiments in the UK, with more than four million animals being used in 2012. The most recent figures show that more than 3,000 dogs were used in experiments in Great Britain in 2012. Enough is enough; it’s time to stop breeding cruelty.