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Peru bans wild animals in circuses

Peru, 21 July 2011 - President Alan Garcia signed into law an end to the use of wild animals in circuses, in Peru.

Peruvian Congressman Jose Urquizo introduced the measure to ban wild animals in circuses with Representative Alexander Rebaza.

Congress and the President have listened and the Peruvians showed immense support for a ban on the use of wild aniamls in circuses.

This is a great victory for circus animals.

Peru is the second South American country to ban wild animals in circuses following Bolivia’s ban in 2009, the first country to ban all use of animals in circuses. For Bolivia, the use of both wild and domestic animals was banned, which was the first law of its kind in the world.

It appears, however, that the Bolivian and Chinese bans are stronger, because the Peruvian ban applies only to wild animals, not domestic animals.

However, Peru has taken huge historic steps to stop the suffering of animals in circuses.

Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia are also considering circus animal bans.

Austria, Israel , Croatia, Singapore and Costa Rica have also all banned wild animals in circuses. Denmark, Finland and India have banned certain species of wild animal.

Sadly, in the UK, travelling circuses are still permitted and animals continue to suffer. FOUR PAWS is continuing to lobby for a law that would ban the use of wild animals in circuses.