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May and Binh Yen are fighting for their lives

UPDATE: May and Binh Yen have been rescued!

Bears May and Binh Yen have been rescued!
Thanks to the help of our supporters, FOUR PAWS successfully removed the two Asiatic black bears from their terrible conditions and transported them to our bear sanctuary in Vietnam.

Over thirteen years of abuse and neglect has left visible scars on the two bears. May is severely overweight and suffers from an inflamed gallbladder and Binh Yen is in critical condition – her state is simply the worst we’ve seen yet. Thankfully, the bears will finally receive the specialised attention they desperately need.
Now in quarantine at our sanctuary, the two bears will receive urgent veterinary care, fresh food and enrichment. And once they're ready, May and Binh Yen will be released to the outdoor enclosure where they can finally experience grass beneath their feet.



If you would like to further support our work, please make a donation today. Your gift could help provide long-term care for bears like May and Binh Yen, and help other animals in need around the world. 


Kept in horrible conditions, the two bears have lived on the same farm trapped in tiny cages for the past 13 years. Will you help?

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to save a bear from this farm last year. As you may remember, Hai Chan lived a terrible existence. Abused for her bile, her front paws were amputated – likely for bear paw wine. Rescued last November, Hai Chan is now thriving at our bear sanctuary in Vietnam.


While we managed to remove Hai Chan, the owner simply refused to surrender the remaining bears. We’ve been fighting for their freedom ever since.


A rescue now looks hopeful, but the situation is desperate. A third bear, Hoa Sen, recently died on the farm. We must save these two bears before it’s too late.

Will you donate today? Your gift could help us reunite May and Binh Yen with Hai Chan at our sanctuary in Vietnam and help other animals in need around the world.